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Meet Our Leadership Team

Managing Director

Linda Hygard

I love Chinook Village! Being a small-town girl at heart, Chinook Village is a small community full of kind, caring people – both residents and staff. All the nuances of small-town living are encapsulated right here in the land of “Oz”! Everything you want or need is likely to be found right here at Chinook Village, including an opportunity to grow and enjoy your best life now – at any age. 

I firmly believed that older adults - seniors, had the right to live life the way they wish and should be encouraged to stay independent in their own home for as long as possible. That was, until I came to work in retirement communities that provided safe, secure accommodations; services that support our seniors and care based on identified unmet care needs.

Chinook Village offers so much more than your own home. Other people!

We have heard numerous times how our residents have flourished since they moved in, how they got a new lease on life. They have experienced fun, fellowship and new friendships.

People are a social being and desire love and a place to belong. There is no better place to continue this journey than within the walls of Chinook Village.

Chinook Village is full of people with similar values and beliefs and offers a warm and welcoming alternative. We enjoy life and each other’s company and all the amenities here.

Join us now and start really living again!

Food Services Manager

roberta dombroski-edwards

My career has always been about my love for making everyone happy with food. I started my career off in Old Chelsea, Quebec at a well-known ski resort. While there I started my family, and had my daughter in 1982.

In 1988 I picked up and moved out west to Calgary to be closer to my family. I established my career in Calgary by managing food and beverage services in hotel and restaurants. In 1992 I was given the opportunity to join the management team at a private golf course just outside of Calgary, this brought my career to a new height.

Moving to Medicine Hat has been one of the best decisions I have made as I get to enjoy watching my grand daughter grow everyday and spend time with friends and family.

I am so very excited to be part of the Chinook Village Management Team. My favorite part of the day is when I get to interact with the residents as they walk by my office or spot me in a hall way and give me a smile and a wave.

Supportive Living Manager

Kreste Sadler, LPN 

Chinook Village has always been like a second home to me. It is an honour and privilege to say that I have spent the past 14 years working at such a wonderful place. The positive energy and good will among residents, family members and staff make working here a true blessing. 

Upon graduating from the Licenced Practical Nursing program in 2004, I have worked in various areas including clinical, medical, surgical, pediatrics, and geriatrics. My passion as a nurse, however, has always been working with seniors. 

Throughout my years of employment with Chinook Village I have embraced numerous life long friendships with residents and their families. These special relationships have impacted my life significantly and I will always cherish them.

I am driven by making a difference in the lives of the residents here at Chinook Village. Their many smiles and laughter are the best part of everyday.

Maintenance, Housekeeping Manager

John Neurauter

Every day is a new and interesting experience when you oversee six buildings with over 400 residents! That keeps me and my maintenance team on our toes at all times.

Whether it’s checking the heating systems, refurbishing suites or ensuring the security of the buildings, all are committed to ensure our residents have a safe, secure and well-run place to call home.

Our housekeeping staff is “top-notch.” Not only do they excel at keeping things clean and tidy, but they spend their days putting smiles on our resident’s faces!

Whether it’s maintenance or housekeeping, each and every member of our team has a heart for our residents here at Chinook Village.

Program Manager

Judy Fredeen

Hi! My name is Judy and I have been a Recreation Therapist for forty years. Although I have worked with a variety of age groups, I have always had a passion for working with seniors. 

I have been a part of the Chinook Village team for the past fourteen years and have helped build a recreational therapy department whose aim is to promote both physical and psychological health with a variety of programs.

I place value on respecting our residents’ autonomy and fostering an enabling social environment.

I, along with our Lifestyle Coordinator, strive to improve the well-being and quality of life of all our residents by encouraging participation in our daily programs, as well as being a friendly, familiar face who is always willing to take the time to listen and chat.


Lance Duncalfe

For with God, all things are possible!

Pastoral care, which is at the heart of chaplaincy, is centred in the belief that with God, all things are possible. I believe it, because the Bible states it. I see it all around and I hear about it often.

I grew up in a home where both parents exercised a confident belief in a God who would come through for them. As the third youngest of eight children, I was the beneficiary of blessings that God miraculously delivered to our home – a food hamper mysteriously arriving on our doorstep when my Dad broke his leg; lost calves almost buried alive but found just in the nick of time.

Mentored to believe that with God all things are possible, I have seen it in my own home where my wife, a stage four cancer survivor, lives and thrives fifteen years later!

Over the past thirty-eight years, I have experienced how with God all things are possible as a Senior pastor in four different churches; as a Manager and Program Director in two different Bible Camp settings; as a short-term Missionary team leader in the Philippines and Korea; as a Youth Pastor and as an employee at a Helicopter Company, a Seed Cleaning Plant and as a brick labourer.

Now, as Chaplain at Chinook Village, I hear stories from residents and witness first-hand how with God all things are possible. I carry that belief with enthusiasm as I attend to the Chaplaincy needs of the family here at Chinook Village.

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