caretaker helping an elderly lady

Five Benefits of Respite Care for the Elderly

Respite care programs are short term breaks designed for caregivers of a child or an adult. Caregivers usually tend to hesitate from taking such breaks. But, they prove to be beneficial for both the caregiver and the person receiving the care. You can enroll dependent adults for 24-hours care from healthcare professionals and licensed nurses at Chinook Village. Care services are available for anyone 50 years of age and above, who can move and eat without any help, is not at risk of wandering and doesn’t smoke.

Trust Respite Caregivers

Taking care of adults may present unique challenges. Although, it is a rewarding experience, daily care activities may gradually exhaust you. You can consider respite care services for the numerous benefits they offer, including:

Rejuvenates Caregivers – Taking some time away helps you relax, unwind and rejuvenate. You can arrange for a break of several days or longer as per your requirements. You can use this time to engage in a hobby, go on vacation or run some pending errands.

Increased Social Engagement – Taking care of your loved one may bind you to certain chores, which may prevent you from meeting your friends or making new ones. You can utilize the break to catch up with your old pals or meet your new neighbours. Such meetings will help you avoid feeling lonely or secluded.

Flexible Responsibility – By relying on our care services, you get an alternative to share your responsibilities. Our caregivers are available day and night all days of the week. You can be assured that quality assistance will be provided to your loved ones and all their health needs will be accommodated.

Different Levels of Care – Some adults may need assistance while doing certain chores while others may just need company. Whatever the requirement, our professionals will be there for your loved one. If they have any prescribed diet plan, we can prepare meals for them accordingly. We also provide Wi-Fi services, internet and telephone in the suite.

Offers Companionship – We all like to spend time with like-minded people or share experiences with friends. Sometimes, elderly tend to get isolated, which can be dangerous for their emotional well-being. Our care centre gives them the opportunity to engage with people the same age to share their experiences. This is something they can look forward to.

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