Senior Preparing to Move in Medicine Hat

Moving to a Retirement Home? Now is the Perfect Time to Downsize!

Suggestions from Medicine Hat’s Trusted Senior Independent Living Community

Moving is never easy. In your younger years, you probably owned less than you do now. Over time, we tend to accumulate more and more items like furniture, pictures, antiques, and dishes. Additionally, we may still have boxes of our children’s memorabilia stuffed in an attic or closet. The memories associated with all those belongings make for great stories to tell your grandchildren.

After the kids move out and start their own families, holding on to too many items can stifle your life, especially if you find that it is cluttering your living space. If you choose to move into a senior home, downsizing is critical to simplifying your life so you can enjoy it more. Culling through decades of accumulated items and memories can be difficult. Chinook Village can help you through the process with suggestions to get you started.

3 Tips for Downsizing to Move into Senior Apartments
The happiest moments in life revolve around people, not belongings. Minimizing the stuff you bring to your new home will open up so many new opportunities to build new memories. Here are three suggestions to help you get started:
  1. Keep Focused on the Benefits of Simplifying Your Life: If you have not had a good clear out in years, then all that stuff can be overwhelming. Keep in mind that with fewer items to keep track of, the more time you will have for building friendships at your new home. These are your Golden Years, and you should be able to enjoy fresh adventures in your new life.
  2. Where to Start: Many memories are wrapped up in items we own and paring down can become emotional. Start early and begin with rooms that hold items of little sentimental value, such as the laundry room or linen closet. Once you sort through smaller rooms, you will get into a groove to move on to bigger places. This is the perfect opportunity to ask for help and start giving away those heirlooms your son or granddaughter would love to have. Then we would suggest that you take photos of your favorite things and create a Memory Book to keep in your new place. This can be especially valuable to those who may later experience symptoms of dementia or memory issues. 
  3. Determine Must-Haves Versus Wants: As you work through your stuff, it helps to have an idea of what you must have versus what you want in your new home. For example, when moving into an independent living unit, you will need a few pots and pans for cooking. Be sure to get rid of duplicate items to keep your new kitchen tidy and manageable. However, you may not need your entire antique teapot collection, so consider giving it away. It can be helpful to sort your things into primary piles: keep, give to family, donate, and trash.

Enjoy Your Best Life Now in Alberta's Trusted Retirement Home

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