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Six Tips to Ease Your Parents to Move to a Retirement Residence

In 2019, there were over 6 million retired Canadians over the age of 65. By 2030, retired Canadians will make up almost 25 percent of the population. 


If you have parents who are in retirement and their health is slipping, it can be a stressful situation for all. It can be a challenge trying to encourage your loved ones into a retirement home. Many of these establishments have a less than stellar reputation.


However, that isn't the case for Chinook Village - the recommended retirement residence in Medicine Hat. Chinook Village offers a wide variety of benefits that'll be sure to appeal to your retired parents.


Here are six tips for making your loved one’s transition to a retirement home as easy as possible.


1. Plan a Visit

To help your loved one adjust to the idea of a retirement residence in Medicine Hat, plan a trip to Chinook Village and let them get a feel for the place. Tour the grounds and find out what activities Chinook Village offers to help enrich the lives of its seniors. There are benefits to touring a senior home, so schedule a visit today!


2. Have Open Communication

Seniors can find the transition to living at a retirement home difficult and daunting. Your ageing parent is likely dealing with grief at the thought of losing their independence and distress, especially when having to move somewhere new where they won't know anyone. Give your loved one time to adjust to the idea that they will be living in a retirement community before you take them. Listen to their doubts and fears and try to talk through various issues with them to clear up misconceptions about retirement homes. For instance, seniors at Chinook Village have various lifestyle choices that appeal to their needs, including the Independent Living option. With Independent Living, seniors are encouraged to explore their freedom in a supportive community.


3. Downsize Belongings

Moving to a retirement home will often require a downsize. This is especially true if your parents are moving from a house of their own and into a seniors’ community in Medicine Hat. Be sure to work alongside your parents when deciding which items to keep and which to sell or donate. Try exploring different living spaces. Chinook Village offers over 180 spacious suites with different floor plans that range in sizes. Suites include a kitchen, living room, large windows for plenty of sunlight, and options for an open balcony.  


4. Get Help from Relatives

Enlist the help of siblings and other close family members to visit your parents often. They need all the support and encouragement you have to offer to help them not feel lonely as they adjust to a new lifestyle. Having familiar faces around will help relieve some of their anxiety.


5. Help Personalize Their Room

While your parents may have to downsize, there are still other ways to help make their suite feel like their own. Help your parents decorate their living space with photographs of friends and family. You can make a memory book or transform a wall into a memory wall of photos. Think of favourite colours to add to the suite with pillows, throw blanks, and candles. We recommend warm colours like yellow which emphasize the feelings of safety and security. Other ideas are to add plants, books, or old souvenirs. Ask your parents what is meaningful to them which can help with decorating.


6. Be an Advocate for Your Parents

Since your parents will still be adjusting to living in a new place, keep an open mind to any changes they would like to see. If they aren't happy with a particular routine, feel free to speak with the staff at Chinook Village and see if there is a way to accommodate your parents. Our friendly staff are flexible and happy to appeal to a variety of needs.


Chinook Village Offers Quality Senior Life

If you’re in search of a place for your parents to call home, then look no further than the retirement community of Medicine Hat. There are many perks to living here, from an atrium and skywalk filled with tropical and local flora, to multiple restaurants and stores on the grounds. There's something for everyone at Chinook Village.

If you would like further information about us, please feel free to contact us today.