Seniors at Chinook Village in Medicine Hat Enjoying Socializing

Social Isolation in Seniors Leads to Health Issues

Keep Active with Supported Living in Medicine Hat, Alberta

Life does not end just because you retire from your career, even if your body tells you otherwise. Arthritis, incontinence, or other physical ailments make daily tasks much harder to cope with. There is one aspect of growing old that may be worse than any physical pain experienced, and that is giving up your social life.

Many factors come into play that threatens a senior citizen with social isolation. The risks vary and include circumstances such as living alone, chronic health issues, low income, and no contact with the family. Research suggests that social isolation can lead to other physical ailments including cognitive decline. The caring team at Chinook Village believe your best life awaits. We provide many opportunities to make new friends and stay involved with the world through our supported living programs in Medicine Hat.

Impact of Social Isolation on Your Quality of Life Is Huge!

We are social creatures and community gives us the sense of belonging we crave. As loved ones pass away or you lose your driver’s license, you may feel very alone. Here are a few ways that quality of life is impacted when a senior is isolated from their sense of community:

Reduced Social Skills: Being around others keeps our social skills sharp, as well as our minds and spirit.
Negative Health Behaviours: Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing, especially when your friends are sharing good, healthy habits you can emulate.
Increased Psychological and Cognitive Problems: Without support, your self-esteem may take a tumble as you lose confidence in your contribution to society.

Benefits of Moving to a Supportive Living Facility in Medicine Hat

Here are some benefits of moving into an assisted living facility to help combat feelings of isolation:

Provide a Sense of Belonging: We all want to feel needed or belonged at some point of time in life. Your children may not require your help as much as you need theirs. In a supported living environment, you have many opportunities to learn new hobbies, partake of sing-a-longs, and meet new people.
Supporting Physical Issues: You may not get around as quickly as you used to. Having someone on hand to support your needs helps keep you enjoying life. Supportive living provides the additional level of care that you deserve. Realizing that someone is just down the hall if you need assistance is reassuring.
Keeps Mental Illness at Bay: Often, when a significant life transition occurs, such as the death of a spouse, an individual may choose to retreat into their home and quit the joys of living. In a community of other seniors, you have the opportunity to enjoy life again and make the most of your remaining years.

Find a Happy Solution with a Supported Living Community

Make the most of your best years by seeking out company. When looking for a new place to live, consider all your needs, specific and general. Can you have visitors? Do they have the right culture for you? How soon can you make your transition? Who can help you get this done? The team at Chinook Village can help you with all these questions. When you work with us, you will have a case manager to assist you every step of the way. Come by and see why our residents love it here!

Call us today at (403) 526-6951 to schedule a tour and learn more about our community and how we can help you beat isolation in your golden years.