Assisted living in Medicine Hat Alberta

What You Should Expect from a Trusted Assisted Living Community

Seniors face many challenges. The body moves slower, it aches, the mind is not as sharp as it used to be, and the senses become dull. Feelings of isolation and loss of community make growing old lonely. It is easy for the aged to retreat into their homes and stop socially interacting with others because of hearing loss or a significant life transition like the death of a spouse. They may become fearful and develop depression or anxiety. However, many dread leaving the familiar, comfortable part of their lives to move into a retirement home.

When you choose the right assisted living community, you have an opportunity to grab hold of life and live it to the fullest. The team at Chinook Village believes you deserve to have the best now. We provide support physically, mentally, and spiritually. Ignore the stereotypes about “old-age” homes and check us out.

4 Expectations of Living in a Retirement Community
Kick your preconceived notions to the curb. Here are four things you can expect from a well-respected retirement community in Alberta:

  • Security and safety: Living alone is scary. As neighbourhoods change, the values you have are not always the same as your younger neighbours. You might even experience crime in your area leaving you feeling fearful. At Chinook Village, you can have peace of mind again that you are safe and secure in our well-kept community.
  • Comfortable place to live and interact with people: In this season of life, seniors want to have a comfortable place to live. You have worked hard, now is the time to pamper yourself. Enjoy amenities like open spaces, game tables, comfy sofas in the common areas, and more. All suited to provide you with a place to meet new people and make new friends.
  • Everything you need in one place: A retirement home with one-stop shopping such as Chinook Village gives you everything you need to embrace this fabulous season of life.
    • Food: Eating should be enjoyable, not boring. With food service teams that keep the seniors’ taste buds in mind and good friends to laugh with, dining will never be the same.
    • Shelter: Having a roof over your head and a soft bed to lie down in is a blessing. It is an even greater blessing when you live in a well-kept facility that has several suites, elevators, and a gorgeous park.
    • Medical assistance: Should assisted living residents require medical assistance, we can help you as local paramedics will now come into retirement living sites to provide medical assistance.
    • Activities: Maybe one of the best parts of moving into a retirement facility is the activities. Just because you are older does not mean you stop living. Enjoy recreational activities like exercise and fitness classes, art groups, live entertainment, and outings.
  • Like-minded people: We all have roots; they make us who we are and to whom we gravitate. Finding a community that has like-minded people makes it easier to make some new friends and share experiences. Our Christian roots laid a foundation of trust, integrity, and compassion to serve our residents.

Make an Established Assisted Living Community Your Next Home
Home is not just where you hang your hat. It is also where you grow. Put down new roots and grow with us here at Chinook Village. Our purpose-driven team is here to help you enjoy every day of the rest of your life in dignity and independence.

Call us today at 403-526-6951 to schedule a tour and learn more about our community.