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Why is Chinook Village the Best Choice for Senior Living

Senior Living homes require a sense of security and companionship for older people to live a safe and steady life. Research states that people tend to be jovial and energetic when they’re around others of the same age group. Chinook Village offers older people a chance to live independently with all the amenities and conveniences they would need to live a happy life. You get to choose from the 341 suites that we provide. Be it an apartment or a fully furnished respite suite, we have it all and everything in between! Our lifestyle options include independent living, supportive living, assisted living, and respite care.


Given the recent pandemic of Covid-19, we have been taking all the necessary precautions to keep the residents of Chinook Village safe and sound. Social distancing is easily accomplished with our spacious common areas. We have been conducting regular tests and to date, they have all had negative results. For the safety of our residents, staff members are screened daily prior to their shift.


At Chinook Village, we offer all the comforts and assistance you would need to live a good life. We have been providing our residents with options to live independently, with partial or 24-hours assistance for the past 28 years. Live a life that you want to in a smoke-free and healthy environment within the walls of our cohesive community. 


Many of our independent living suites include:

  • Oak kitchen cabinets with beautiful quartz countertops
  • Dishwashers
  • Large balconies for you to enjoy breezy mornings
  • Heat and air controls that can be personally monitored
  • Underground storage facilities and parking
  • Ensuites off the master bedroom in a 2 bedroom suite
  • Variety of sizes from 775 sq ft to 1428 sq ft


Why Choose Chinook Village?

Here’s why Chinook Village is the best option for you now:

  1. The common places, including our hallways, are wide and allow you to easily maintain social distancing. You can get out of your room and spend some time outside in our beautiful park without the risk of getting infected.
  2. Our dining areas are spacious and accommodate social distancing requirements. You do not need to worry; you can enjoy having wholesome meals safely in the company of others.

  3. We have a convenience store on-site, fully stocked with resident preferences so you do not need to leave the Village.

  4. The design of the complex enables natural cohorts of residents in their respective lifestyle option – Independent Living, Supportive Living, and Assisted Living. This minimizes the spread of Covid-19.

  5. We have a Chaplaincy program for the spiritual needs of our residents. Our Chaplain offers counseling and pastoral care to help you cope with these difficult times.


If you’d like to view one of our suites, we can arrange a private tour and answer all your questions. Remember, when the nurse says you cannot live at home anymore, Chinook is another good choice besides publicly funded sites. Care at Chinook Village will meet the needs of most residents who choose to stay and enjoy living with their friends in familiar and comfortable surroundings. Our goal is to keep our residents and staff members safe. We are all in this together!


Contact Chinook Village for comfortable senior apartments today!