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Why is Retirement Living Better Than Receiving Care at Home?

Many people don’t evaluate how to spend their retirement years and what they expect from their life after retirement. Some retirees are self-reliant and want to live independently with confidence. Continuing to live in their own home is the right choice for some people whereas for others, staying in the same house can get very boring. Finding a good retirement residence is necessary. It is an ideal environment for seniors to prosper and pursue their passion. Chinook Village has been providing safe and caring residential homes since 1992. Being one of the largest communities in southern Alberta, Chinook Village has three hundred and forty-two suites.

9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Retirement Living

Here are a few reasons why many seniors find retirement communities appealing:

1. Low Maintenance

It becomes very difficult to maintain a house when you get older. Simple things such as shoveling snow, maintaining sidewalks and yard work become a hassle. With retirement residence, you don’t need to worry about any maintenance or repairs as there is onsite maintenance to take care of that.

2. Convenient

You benefit from great amenities in retirement living. Many retirement communities offer services such as exercise rooms, health, personal care and fitness classes. It’s convenient when you don’t need to travel to utilize the facilities.

3. Safety

You feel safe as all retirement living facilities are gated and many of them hire security staff for extra protection.

4. Affordable

Retirement communities are more affordable than an average house, as many bills you would normally pay come included in your monthly fees, such as utilities, heat and taxes. Most communities charge you with a monthly payment that is cost-effective as it covers majority of your expenses. There are other economic benefits too. It is cheaper and more cost-effective to live in a small one or two-bedroom unit rather than paying for utility bills and maintenance of a large home for just one person.

5. Sense of Community

The primary purpose of retirement living is social interactions with like-minded people. Living at home, you may find it difficult to visit your friends or attend an activity because of mobility issues or transportation. At a retirement community, you can easily make friends and engage in activities of your choice. Many retirement residences implement activities such as games, social outings and physical exercise. You don’t have to depend on anyone for companionship or conversations.

6. Immediate Assistance

Safety is a huge concern when seniors live alone in their homes. If they fall, it can take a long time for a responder to provide assistance. In retirement residences, you don’t have to worry in case of an emergency or an immediate health issue. The staff members present will respond to all your needs.

7. Living Environment

Retirement communities are built and designed to ensure the comfort of the residents. They have wide hallways to accommodate elders who need a wheelchair or a walker, bathrooms that are equipped with handrails and convenient design features that allow seniors to carry out their daily tasks with ease.

8. Simplicity

There is a sense of simplicity and freedom that retirement residences offer. In a retirement community, everything is planned for you rather than you handling various tasks on your own. You don’t have to manage multiple phone calls, bills or arrange your schedule around different services.

9. Smooth Transition into Assisted Living

Choose a retirement community that offers assisted living facilities even if you are healthy. In case of health issues, you don't have to shift from a community where you have made friends and are comfortable with the staff.

Retirement living offers several benefits and makes things easier for independent seniors. Take charge of your retirement by choosing a retirement community to fulfill your future well-being. Chinook village offers several options to seniors including independent living, partial support or 24-hour assisted living.

If you are looking for a reliable retirement residence, we are your trusted source. For more information, please read our blog on a trusted assisted living community. If you have any concerns or questions reach out to us today.