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Respite Care for Dependent Adults

At Chinook Village, we know how difficult caregiving can be, and while you may need some help now and then, you don’t want to tax your caregiver. So why not give both you and your caregiver a nice break with respite care at Chinook Village?

Not entirely sure what respite care is? Let us help you!

Chinook Village considers respite care to be a short-term stay with services for dependent adults who are looked after by personal caregivers. We offer this service to help give you and your caregiver some time to relax. So while your caregiver leaves for a well-earned rest, we’ll carry on their duties for you.

To provide you with the best quality of care possible, we provide a fully furnished and private suite that offers handicap facilities alongside 24-hour care from professional health care aides who work under the supervision of licensed practical nurses.


While there are many people with caregivers, Chinook Village offers respite care to those who fit the following requirements:

  • Having 50 years of age or more

  • Ability to eat independently

  • Not at risk of wandering

  • Non-smoking

  • Able to move independently with or without help

If you happen to fit these requirements, you’ll be able to arrange respite care with us for a minimum of $815 per week with an extra $120 per day for additional days.

For more information about our respite care, take a look at our downloadable brochure.

To arrange a break for both you and your caregiver, give us a call today!

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