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Chinook Village - Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions

Need some additional information here are some FAQ's.

Are meals provided?
Yes, there are meal packages included or available for both Assisted and Supportive Lving residents, or, individual meal tickets may be purchased for favourite meals.Independent Living residents are able to purchase meal tickets and join in the dining room or request take out.
Is parking included?
Yes. Surface parking with plug ins around the building are available with easy access from entrance doors.Independent Living residents enjoy included underground parking. Limited underground parking is available for Supportive and AssistedLiving residents.  
Can my family or friends join me for meals in the Dining Room?
Yes, tickets maybe purchased through Reception and the Dining Room staff need to be notified by10.00am for lunch reservations or 3.00pm for dinner reservations that you will be joining a resident that day.
Can we still live together if one of us needs more care?
Yes of course, larger suites are available to accommodate couples in all lifestyle levels.
Does Chinook accept pets?
No, Chinook Village is a pet free residence.
Does Chinook Village permit smoking?
No. ChinookVillage is a smoke free community.
Do you offer rentals?
Yes, rentals and Life Lease suites are available for all lifestyle levels.
What is a Life Lease?
With a Life Lease agreement, you buy the exclusive right to occupy a suite for as long as you wish or until you are no longer able to live in your suite. When you leave your suite you would be refunded the amount agreed upon in your contract.
Are there nurses on staff?
Yes, we haveLPN’s 7 days a week during the day and Health Care Aides 24 hours/7 days a week, in Assisted Living.

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