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Mother Nature Preschool

For over 3 years now, little faces in the Village have instantly brought a smile to our faces!  Mother Nature Preschool opened their doors in their new location in Chinook Village on January 7, 2019.

Intergenerational programming has many benefits for both seniors and children, and we continue to be thrilled to be the first residence in Medicine Hat to offer this collaboration, working towards bridging the generational gap. Our residents will benefit from the spontaneity that comes with children, alleviating boredom.

The children’s energy, curiosity and warmth are soaked up by our residents and the effect is noticeable. In turn, our residents share the wisdom of their years, reinforcing manners, patience, kindness and important social skills.

The unconditional love that emanates from these relationships is remarkable and heartwarming.While the Preschool is part of Chinook Village and intergenerational activities are foremost in mind, the Preschool itself is in a separate but adjoined building within Chinook.

There are no suites directly adjacent to the Preschool, so no residents need to worry about any noise. Also, the children will always be accompanied by staff when in the Village, respectful and mindful that they are in someone’s home.

What Seniors In Retirement Residences Say About Life During Covid

In an effort to share the real stories of what living in seniors housing was like during COVID, a videographer went on the road to capture first-hand accounts from residents all across Alberta. Here's what they had to say.

Celebrating Seniors


Saturday 04 June ‘22 from 9.00am - 5.00pm

Spring is in the air in Canada’s sunniest city and Covid restrictions are behind us. It’s time to rejuvenate, to celebrate, to thrive, to learn and to kick back and kick off Alberta’s Seniors Week.

It’s time for a FREE festival! That means for older-adults and their families and friends, it’s time to head to Chinook Village where edutainment and celebration will be in full swing in an inclusive and welcoming community festival of fun and learning. It’s time to celebrate community spirit and living life to the fullest in our City!

Everything is FREE. From refreshments, to all activities, entertainment, presentations, workshops and more.

It promises to be a great day of entertainment, learning and good old fashioned fun!

Best of all - it’s FREE.

So spread the word with family and friends and save the date on your calendar now:

2022 Home & Leisure Show

Friday, April 22 - Sunday, April 24

2022 Home & Leisure Show

Chinook Village will be exhibiting at this Spring’s Home & Leisure Show so tell your friends and family and stop by to see us at the Stampede Grounds. This is always a great event with so much to see and so many ideas to walk away with. See you there!

Chinook Village Website Gets A Whole New Look!

It’s been an exciting few months while we’ve been completely revamping our website. Coming shortly, the chinookvillage.com website has a whole new look - along with some familiar faces! The new website reflects the unique and thriving community that is our Village. So stop by, take a look and share it with everyone you know :) We’d love your feedback too!

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