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Home style cooking from a Red Seal chef.

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Our Menu.

Fresh, healthy and locally sourced. Here is a sample menu for a day at Chinook Village.
Fresh fruit
Poached Eggs
Turkey Bacon Ranch Wrap
Greek Potatoes
Steamed Vegetables
Chicken Noodle Soup
Creamy Garlic Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
Sauteed Vegetables
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More Fresh. LEss PRocessed.

Meal times in The Village are more than just delicious homestyle cooking and fresh food.

Great dining with freshly cooked meals promotes a healthy appetite and a healthy appetite creates a zest to live your best life now. Residents enjoy menu items based on locally sourced fresh ingredients, wherever possible, along with the infusion of international and regional tastes for added flair.
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More Choices. Less Worries.

Special attention is given by the kitchen to dietary needs, tastes and preferences.

Lactose Intolerance? Choose food options that are lactose-free.
Need to avoid sugar? Choose food prepared without sugar.
Have a special diet? Whichever diet, we are confident that most of your needs can be accommodated.
Enjoy gathering around a table alongside fellow residents in the Dining Room, or sharing a get-together with family and friends in one of our private dining rooms.
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Family, Friends, Food

Special Dining Events

NEIGHBOURFEST - Each month, Chinook Village offers a special Dinner Event for our residents. Where we feature different and tasty temptations from around the corner and around the world.
HOLIDAYS - We love to celebrate at Chinook Village and take advantage of any possible occasion to host special celebrations on holidays.
SPECIAL EVENTS - Residents also enjoy monthly birthday parties with local bands playing, Mother’s Day teas, and Older Adults Day, to name a few.
Team Kick-Off
28th October, 2022
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