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Medicine Hat Seniors Housing with a Christian Ethos

Chinook Village is a community of older adults, enjoying a meaningful life inside a Christian culture, motivated by a love for God and each other. Love, as modeled in the life of Jesus Christ, ensures all aspects of our operation are carried out with integrity.

Medicine Hat Seniors Housing with a Christian Ethos 

ChinookVillage is a community of older adults, enjoying a meaningful life inside aChristian culture, motivated by a love for God and each other. Love, as modeled in the life of Jesus Christ, ensures all aspects of our operation are carried out with integrity. 

Residents are treated with dignity and respect, and employees are provided a positive work environment. Along with providing a Village with quality accommodations, our programs and services reflect Christian values that serve to enhance an environment in which older adults can thrive.  

Our biblical values include:

Faith - Inspired by a rich Christian heritage,Chinook Village offers an interdenominational Christian Chaplaincy program and is the only independent retirement community in Medicine Hat with a full-timeChaplain, 

People – Love exercised for people that honours their history, uniqueness and beliefs. Love also respects individual independence and the facilitation of options that support current levels of independence.

Community – Central to a Christian ethos, is Christ’s offer of living life to the full - a conviction shared by Chinook Village, believing that a person’s “best life” is achieved when the entire community fosters a sense of belonging, while respecting individual privacy, independence and dignity.  

Excellence – Adhering to the scriptural admonishment for excellence, Chinook Village is committed to providing residents with quality accommodations, programs and services by maintaining the highest standards.

Integrity – Many Proverbs highlight the need to earn the trust of residents and their loved ones through “keeping our word”,“delivering on promises” and being transparent.

Empathy – Following Christ’s supreme example, ChinookVillage will attract & retain a team of employees & volunteers who are respectful & empathetic towards residents & desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others. 

Innovation – God, as Creator has set the precedent forChinook Village to be forward-minded, “out-of-the-box,” creative thinking as a“not for profit” retirement community, accompanied by action that provides better programs.

A ChristianEthos in Chinook Village is served by a very active chaplaincy program facilitated by a full-time Chaplain along with his team of volunteers and other departments in the village. His priorities are:

Pastoral Care

Our Chaplain’s first concern is resident care. Prayer is an important focus in the ongoing ministry of the Chaplain. He can be seen offering prayer for individual resident concerns as well as offering grace at most weekday lunch meals and other formal events. He is available for clergy services as would be expected by most local church pastors, such as counseling, conducting weddings, funerals, and the Lord’s Supper.

Chapel Services

Conducting Sunday afternoon Chapel Services in our wonderfully bright chapel on the fourth floor is a high priority for the chaplain. We enjoy a close relationship with the Chinook Village choir, Chinook Village Ladies Trio and pianists – who are significant contributors to our Chaplaincy ministry.

Weekly Bible Study

We study appropriate Bible-centered topics in an informal setting which allows for more free-flowing, meaningful interaction and discussion.

Hospital Visitation

Hospital visitation is a major consideration for our Chaplain who visits on a weekly basis and is also prepared to respond to emergency situations.

Building Community

Building community is an important Chinook Village value for theChaplain, directing his time into a variety of intersecting events. As part ofthe leadership team, he is involved in planning significant promotional events.He works closely with the Program Department, giving leadership to events suchas Hymn Sing Events, Men’s Luncheon, Remembrance Day Service and ResidentMemorial services. He also lends support to the onsite Healthcare Team in the Village. 

Proceeding from our Christian ethos in Chinook Village, is a respect for every person as created uniquely, and invaluably, in the image of God. Each person is treated equally without regard to gender, race, denominational background or societal standing. 

While we love and respect people from all kinds of different cultural and religious backgrounds, as a Christian community, we actively promote Christian virtues of character manifest in the Fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

We are convinced that solid Christian character is the basis for a solid Christian

A Message from Chinook Village Chaplain - Lance Duncalfe

Pastoral care, which is at the heart of chaplaincy, is centred in the belief that with God, all things are possible. I believe it, because the Bible states it. I see it all around and I hear about it often.

I grew up in a home where both parents exercised a confident belief in a God who would come through for them. As the third youngest of eight children, I was the beneficiary of blessings that God miraculously delivered to our home – a food hamper mysteriously arriving on our doorstep when my Dad broke his leg; lost calves almost buried alive but were found just in the nick of time.

Mentored to believe that with God all things are possible, I have seen it in my own home where my wife, a stage four cancer survivor, lives and thrives fifteen years later!

Over the past thirty-eight years, I have experienced how withGod all things are possible as a Senior Pastor in four different churches; as a Manager and Program Director in two different Bible Camp settings; as a short-term Missionary team leader in the Philippines and Korea; as a YouthPastor and as an employee at a Helicopter Company, a Seed Cleaning Plant and asa brick labourer.

Now, as Chaplain at Chinook Village, I hear stories from residents and witness first-hand how with God all things are possible. I carry that belief with enthusiasm as I attend to the Chaplaincy needs of our community family here at Chinook Village.

AboutChinook Village Medicine Hat

Chinook Village is a 23-acre Medicine Hat not-for-profit retirement home providing seniors housing with a variety of seniors accommodations, services and healthcare options.

Lifestyles include independent living, supportive living, assisted living, life lease seniors apartments, trial stays, respite care and aging in place.

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